Seeing is believing

Customers are more likely to approve additional repairs when they can see for themselves exactly what needs doing. By watching a video, customers can really understand what's required and make informed decisions on the spot. 

  • Improve workshop transparency
  • Clearly demonstrate the work needed
  • Build trust with your customers

Speed and simplicity

Time is money in a busy workshop environment, so CitNOW integration for Autoline Drive is quick and simple to use. Technicians can easily create short videos, reporting the facts and providing helpful explanations. Even more, the integration provides all the information a customer would need to make their decision. 

  • Seamless integration offers upfront pricing
  • Customers can approve work instantly
  • Notification of customer approval is sent directly to the DMS

Personalised communication

The customer receives a brand approved email or a text message, with a link to a  personalised summary page. This contains their video, a full VHC report and a pricing breakdown. Make it easy for your customer to say yes.

  • A smooth, personalised experience for each customer
  • Increase the chance of conversion
  • Improve customer satisfaction with clear pricing and explanations