CDK Voice Connect - The Power of Phone
Integration at Your Fingertips

CDK Voice Connect is an integrated, cloud-based, voice service for automotive retailers. It gives automotive retailers:

  • visibility of customer calls and interactions
  • tools to monitor and measure call performance

This helps ensure sales opportunities aren’t being missed and impressive call experiences happen.

CDK Voice Connect helps you to make every customer call process perfect by…

  • integrating voice communications with your CDK Dealer Management System (DMS) applications
  • using ‘Presence and Chat’ collaboration tools, so employees can communicate more easily with each other
  • intelligently routing calls across sites and departments

Voice Connect helps handle customer calls more efficiently and professionally.

Call performance is easier measure with reporting and recording of all call activity. Customised reporting helps managers monitor productivity and the level of customer service delivered.

For inbound calls, Voice Connect predicts what the customer may want and who they may want to speak to, if required, before the call is even answered. Calls can then be answered with the correct information available and transferred immediately to the last person they spoke to improve call response times.

When it comes to automotive telephony requirements, we know that one size doesn’t fit all. This is why five Voice Connect user plans, modelled on specific automotive retail business processes, are available. It’s possible to choose a combination of user plans and add new users when required. 

Every Voice Connect user plan has inclusive minutes and calling between sites is free. Even better, as part of the cloud-based service, your hardware can be leased and software is continuously upgraded. This means no more ‘end-of-life’ or ageing telephony assets that depreciate at different rates across your sites. And sites can be added when required offering you total flexibility and scalability.

Voice Connect User Plans

CDK Voice Connect exposes what’s really happening on your phones

  • Call performance transparency
  • Real-time call visibility
  • Employee call productivity and accountability
  • Management control with call recordings and reporting

Benefits for All Voice Connect Users

Five Voice Connect user plans, modelled on specific retail business processes, are available. It’s possible to choose a combination of user plans and add new users when required. Each plan includes Desktop and DMS Integration as well as collaboration tools. The Essentials plan has similar features and benefits to the Standard plan without Call Recording and Voicemail.

DMS Integration

Instant access to customer information, sales and service history with customer record popping

Desktop Integration

Streamline call handling using the integrated telephony toolbar for click-to-dial, caller recognition and call handling features

Collaboration Tools

Real-time visibility of users’ availability with ‘Presence’ and instant message ‘Chat’ option

Benefits for Voice Connect Standard Users – customer-facing roles

Call Desktop

Get easily organised from the call workplace showing itemised customer interactions; received calls, calls made, and Call Back Requests

Call Recording

Fully auditable with customer conversations logged against the customer record for review and training purposes

Benefits for Voice Connect Premium Users – manager and sales roles

Call Recording Management

An effective training tool or way to resolve customer disputes. The call review and ratings tool helps identify top performers or users who need development

Reporting & Follow up

A powerful management reporting dashboard shows performance statistics for completed, missed, abandoned or redirected calls, by individual or departments

Mobile Application

Always contactable with calls presented to your desk and mobile, so when you are hot desking, in-between departments or sites you can always be reached

Benefits for Voice Connect Reception Users – switchboard and reception roles

Receptionist Desktop

Efficiently handle calls in seconds for any site using the centralised reception function linked to advanced directory services. Site and brand details are presented on every call to help ‘Virtual receptionists’ answer as if they were the site being called

Call History Routing

Clever routing decisions are based on the last person spoken to, removing any friction or frustration for customers calling back

Intelligent Messaging

Prevent lost sales and service opportunities using trackable and automated call back requests. These can alert managers of any customer calls that haven’t been returned or followed up by a dedicated team or individual

Benefits for Voice Connect Contact Centre Users – call centre roles

Intelligent routing

Take customer call experience to another level with automatic routing based on site, department, customer relationship, and agent’s skill

Queue Manager

Complete visibility of; calls being handled in real-time by all teams, call summary queues and the status and current activity of all call agents

Wall boards

Real-time visibility of calls waiting so more agents can make themselves available to reduce abandoned calls

Telephony Toolbar

All you need at your fingertips: The integrated toolbar on your desktop screen manages the interaction with the CTI core system using a number of intuitive icons.

You will benefit from easy access to:

  • Active call information
  • Recently dialled number list
  • Speed dial – configurable for each user
  • Interactive on screen dialler
  • Telephone control on both the keyboard and screen
  • Directory integration – linked to Outlook & Active Directory
  • Active call notification
  • Interactive missed call indicator

For staff training and protection:

Call Recording is a unique and powerful way of training staff. Users and supervisors have immediate search and playback of call recordings. You have instant access to what was agreed over the phone which can be referred to at any time. Your customer’s information is stored against every recording so you can be sure that you’ve always got the right context for the call.

Have a clear view of your team’s performance:

Call intelligence gives you a clear view of how your teams are performing with reports on statistics like wait times, missed calls and call volumes by hour. Even a quick look over these reports will help you improve your daily processes, optimise staff levels at peak times and offer customer service that is warmer, stronger and 100% efficient.


Put calls straight through to available staff:

Let your receptionist focus on greeting customers entering your dealership. Leave the call answering to your central reception client who can see who is available and with one click, transfer the call. The big staff directory display and rapid search tool make it even faster to place calls and never have to dial extension numbers again.

Take back control of your telephony system:

Quick and easy system changes can be made by your managers to add extra extensions or mobile devices. You no longer are at the mercy of suppliers and have to wait days for changes to be made to hunt groups or voicemails, for example. Everything can be easily managed directly from the central portal without even visiting the site.

User Plan Key Features

Breeze Volkswagen – integrating telephony within Autoline Drive DMS (CTI & Hosted Telephony)

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