Creating a seamless automotive consumer experience

After taking a detailed look at the automotive retail industry, it's clear that dealers are having a fragmented and disjointed experience. The digital world has brought a bewildering array of new options and individual solutions for every stage of the consumer buying cycle. There is a real opportunity to bring today's solutions together in one place, delivering a cohesive and truly seamless automotive consumer experience for the future. 

Enabling end-to-end automotive commerce

We want to meet the challenge and deliver a digital end-to-end automotive retail experience. We have created our new open exchange platform, to connect with OEMs and a variety of third party applications. We will integrate data across platforms securely, ending rekeying, lost information and the resulting frustrations. Open exchange will enable the untangling of a collection of tools and turn them into seamless workflows that have a real impact on efficiency.


Becoming a Valued Partner

Open exchange is underpinned by robust and innovative technology. This underpins the work we're doing to develop a range of interfaces and API gateways to deliver integrations with selected third-parties. We expect to have our first partner ready to launch early in 2018. And that’s just the start: we're talking to 30+ like-minded potential partners, creating a fast -growing and vibrant community on the CDK Partner Program. 

A fresh approach to innovation

We're proud of our innovation culture: investing $150 million annually in researching, developing and deploying products from our new R&D Centres of Excellence around the world. Taking the best people, with the right mindset to build our future - from the US to India, Denmark to the UK and across the globe. 

Lab 59 is our new incubator space in London. It offers the chance to collaborate with customers and partners in an agile way to solve real businesss challenges. This collaboration with dealers and providers is delivering fresh and innovative solutions to market, led by customer needs.

Transformation is here

For CDK and for the industry. This is our vision for a single connected automotive retail world, with one seamless consumer experience. To reach this goal we have changed our strategy, our investments and the way we work. We look forward to working with industry partners to achieve the most important goal of all: putting customer choice first.