Busseys - Survey Manager

Challenges – Low response rates and inefficient process

Busseys’ philosophy is to put the customer first in everything they do, making sure their staff deliver the best possible service. The management team passionately drive this philosophy throughout the business and measure this through online and postal customer service surveys. However their existing process to capture customer feedback was ineffective due to low survey response rates. Stuart Kirby, Marketing Manager explains; “On average, we only received a 10% return rate as we made our customers go through too many hoops to complete the survey. They had to click on an email link, which then opened our family loyalty portal where they had to log in to open the survey. Although it was a good idea to drive traffic to our portal, it made it too difficult.”

Solution – Simple to use and integrated to your customer database

Busseys, CDK Global (formerly ADP) customers for over 20 years, were eager to implement Survey Manager for Autoline Drive to help improve their response rates. Customer feedback is captured using a simple web-based tool, making surveys easy to complete off the back of an email or SMS link. Even better, surveys can be carried out using a tablet device, whilst the customer is still in the dealership. The survey creation wizard enables you to select standard templates and questions or ‘drag and drop’ boxes to easily create and send your own surveys in an attention-grabbing HTML format. You can send standard “How did we do?” surveys or when used with Campaign Manager, schedule multiple surveys to be automatically sent after specific activities occur, for example, a lost vehicle sale or completed vehicle handover.

Results – Real-time results and automated processes

Using Survey Manager, Busseys has automated their end-to-end customer feedback process and send out over a hundred surveys weekly in conjunction with Campaign Manager. Kirby describes the impact; “We have seen an increase of 70% in survey response rates. This is because our surveys look more interesting using the HTML survey templates and are much easier to complete. We’ve reduced admin time significantly as each response is automatically saved against its customer record and is available in the report view. Previously, individual responses were received by email which we printed off and manually input into the DMS. Not anymore.” Kirby summaries the key benefits; “The survey alert function means we are informed of issues in real-time and can resolve them quickly. Before, there was a week delay before manually processing responses. Using Complaint Manager, we are now able to manage and track these customer issues within Autoline Drive, creating a continuous process flow. In terms of reporting, we target customers with vehicles over 4 years old as the manufacturer contacts our customers with vehicles up to 3 years old. This allows us to benchmark our results against theirs. Survey Manager is far more efficient, has increased our response rates and helps us