Be open, even when you're closed

Your workshop is now available 24/7* to your customers, so they can  schedule their service appointment at a time that suits them. Today,  79%** of consumers  prefer to book their service online, make sure you are meeting their expectations.

  • Bookings can be made using any mobile or tablet device
  • A direct link to the workshop diary ensures only available appointments are shown
  • Instant confirmations by email, with calendar reminders to help reduce the amount of no-show appointments
  • Saves you and your customer time making phone calls

* System may be unavailable for short periods of time for product updates. Service Online will work in ‘offline’ mode when DMS ‘end-of-day’ processing is in progress
** Survey commissioned by Servicing Stop. Survey conducted between March and April 2017.

Personalise the customer experience with full DMS integration

Your customers have plenty of options for their vehicle service, so make sure your dealership stands out from the crowd by personalising their booking experience. Service Online makes this easy,  thanks to  full integration with the DMS.

  • Invite customers to create and log in to an account for all their servicing needs
  • Display accurate pricing from the DMS to help customers make decisions
  • Personalise the communications they receive


Deliver new revenue opportunities

New and existing customers can be invited to create an account. As part of the booking process, offer them extra options to help keep their vehicle roadworthy.

  • Attract new customers to your workshop with a quick and easy booking process
  • Remind them of any outstanding VHC work that is due for their vehicle
  • Offer value added extras such as winter checks or special offers



Customise to build your brand

Service Online means you can  define your own customer experience. The API’s can connect your existing website or mobile app to the DMS, giving you complete control over  branding and the way you want to add value for your customers.