Increase your operational efficiency and productivity

To ensure you benefit from latest integrations between your DMS and the various manufacturer systems, CDK Global work closely with all the major vehicle brands. In fact, we integrate with more than 60 vehicle manufacturers and provide over 250 interfaces - more than any other DMS provider.

  • Strong relationships with all major vehicle brands
  • Continual investment in new interfaces
  • Direct integration with manufacturer systems
  • Continual compliancy support of franchise standards

Meet your manufacturer's brand standards

For most major vehicle brands, a defined level of integration to their manufacturers systems is required to have their badge above the door of your dealership(s). CDK work proactively with the manufacturers to ensure you benefit from the lastest levels of integration.

  • Stay up-to-date with the latest requirements
  • Help ensure your manufacturer bonuses

Integration with all major brands

CDK Global integrates with more than 60 vehicle manufacturers, including: