Spend time with your customer, not on their record

The enquiryMAX partnership integration for Autoline delivers next generation automotive lead management functionality. As a mobile solution it removes the risks associated with paper processes and delays as a result of duplication. Facilitate an enjoyable purchase experience.

  • Reduce stock availability and pricing errors to reduce financial losses due to errors
  • Improve customer experience by accurately confirming available vehicle stock face-to-face
  • Near real-time CDK Autoline stock updates to help prevent stock ‘being sold twice’

Make it personal and remove the barriers

By removing the rigid formality of the traditional sales desk it provides automotive sales teams with the tools and mobility they need to truly engage with customers and transform the customer sales experience on a personal level.​

  • Access current vehicle stock data anywhere in the dealership
  • Capture customer requirements intuitively wherever customers feel comfortable
  • Share video and promotional materials then and there

Alleviate confusion and delay with accurate data

When vehicle stock and customer records are joined there is no need to keep customers waiting, or risk disappointment whilst your systems are updated. You always have the most accurate stock and customer views.

  • No need to re-key customer data, saving time and improving the consumer experience
  • Reducing the risk of errors and improved marketing effectiveness with accurate data
  • Build deal on a mobile device and remove the formal desk barrier