DealerBridge Parts

Sell parts with speed and ease

DealerBridge Parts is an eCommerce module that can help to quickly increase parts sales over the internet. It is particularly useful for dealers who act as a central parts supplier or warehouse for other dealers or business partners.

Buyer features:

  • Real-time parts stock availability check
  • Real-time availability result from the DMS
  • Real-time ordering facility
  • Real-time order confirmation
  • Full searchable order history
  • Integration with the electronic parts catalogs of manufacturers (EPCs) *

Note 1: DealerBridge Parts can also be setup as a Parts Locator where multiple suppliers can upload their stock and make it available to a parts buyer community.

Note 2: DealerBridge Parts can also be setup as a Parts Broker between 2 remote Autoline DMS instances.

Supplier features:

  • Generated sales order in the DMS
  • Generated purchased order in the DMS (if no stock)
  • Automatic parts reservation in the DMS
  • Warehouse segmentation in the DMS
  • Delivery routes in the DMS
  • Return goods management integration (Autoline only)


Save Costs

Save Time

Improve Loyalty

Benefits for your customer

Reduce costs and order parts faster

Parts available in real time via the DMS system

Greater loyalty from customers and partners

Pricing and availability available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Less lost sales

No fax or phone follow-up

Online support for Sellers

Improve customer service

Increased profits

Parts reservation in DMS

Extended opening hours through online sales channel

Ordering of goods in real time

Central inventories and improved logistics

Searchable order history

Competitive prices on sales of parts

User-friendly system


Free up sales resources to focus on upselling



* Depending on the manufacturer. A complete list of integrated EPCs is available upon request.


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