Autoline Benefits for Service Desk

Making sure every customer has a pleasant experience when visiting or calling the Service Desk is the first step in ensuring customer satisfaction. A suite of comprehensive tools within Autoline help streamline your service desk operations, from managing repair orders via Point of Sale and allocating a loan vehicle with ease, through to invoicing the customer using their preferred method.

Prepare accurate repair orders every time

  • Compile repair orders using a combination of parts, labour, menu pricing, sublet work and consumables.
  • Offer a wide range of service pricing arrangements to your customers using optional customer categories, price levels, discounts and contract terms.
  • Provide every customer with a detailed breakdown of repairs undertaken on their vehicle.
  • Manage sublet work undertaken by third parties, which can be included within the repair order.

Provide customers with a variety of invoicing options

  • Provide customers with a menu pricing layout by grouping together related repairs such as warranty and service contracts.
  • Increase efficiency by producing separate invoices for varying requirements on the same repair order.
  • Analyse the sales history of any account using automatically recorded information.
  • View service history and reminder information for each account via the CRM record.

Effectively manage loan vehicles

  • Increase customer satisfaction by booking a loan vehicle at time of service booking.
  • Easily view available booking slots via a simple, easy-to-use colour-coded calendar.
  • Avoid unexpected costs by recording key details on vehicle collection and return, including mileage, fuel level, damage and driver licence details.

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