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Attract more customers


Your new customers have more choice than ever before. Thanks to technology, they’re researching all about your dealership, your prices and your stock before they even set foot in your showroom.

So you need to be proactive to attract new business. If you rely on customers wandering into your showroom six months from now, you’ll be six months too late. Now is the time to make a great first impression, because if your customers don’t find you in their research phase, you won’t even be in the race.

Autoline Drive allows you to reach your audience with a multi-channel marketing approach. This includes emails, telesales campaigns or even text messages. Plus, with full ROI campaign reporting, you’ll never have to wonder which of your marketing activities are the most effective, ever again.

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Interactive Dealership


You need to be the dealership that stands out from the crowd. And what better way to do this than wowing your customers with the latest mobile technology?

When someone walks in to your showroom, you need something really powerful in your hand; a mobile tablet device that connects you to all your CRM data. Maybe this customer called earlier, or bought from you before – so pull up their information as you greet them. No scribbling, no scrabbling or wandering off to pull up their details.

In fact, the important parts of the sales process can be carried out on your tablet. These include capturing buying criteria, trade-in evaluations and even deal approval.

And once they’ve bought from you, use additional mobile apps to transform the aftersales experience. Check in and record vehicle condition with your customer out on the forecourt or quickly carry out a VHC , all using a mobile tablet device.

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One integrated system


It’s time for a single, 360 degree view of your customer and your relationship with them. No more pens, no more paper and no more re-keying data from third party systems.

No matter which department you’re in, one record contains all the customer’s information, so everyone stays up to date.
Autoline Drive’s connectivity extends beyond your dealership.

Interfaces to many manufacturers means that you exchange data with them that make your work processes more efficient.

Even more, integration with a number of leading finance providers means you can offer your customers comparisons and customised financing options to help secure their business.
A range of other ‘integrated, add-ons’, from your showroom to your workshop, reduce the need for third party applications and multiple software providers.

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Improved User Experience


A system that has a clear, logical and easy to use workflow means each employee can do their job faster and more easily.  This soon adds up to create big efficiency gains across your business.

Autoline Drive makes the challenging bits of running a dealership easier.  Check out the simple, clean graphical user interface and handy wizards that guide users through key processes for their specific role. An “I Want To” toolbar also makes it quicker to get to the area of the DMS you need.

Key tasks within the DMS can now be automated, such as date-triggered marketing campaigns to increase lead generation, or lead follow-up reminders, so your customers aren’t kept waiting.

These time-saving opportunities don’t just apply to sales and marketing.  New tools in the aftersales area also make life easier.

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Reporting and Analytics


Great decisions start with great data. Use the reports and dashboards in Autoline Drive to turn insights into action.

The management reports track a wealth of real-time data, so your team can always make accurate plans and forecasts. They are designed by industry experts and can be configured to suit your specific needs.

When you’re ready to dive deeper, Autoline Drive is ready with the numbers.

View a breakdown of the performance of an individual employee or department, right through to an overview of the entire business.

Seeing your data graphically displayed in dashboards -- not just as groups of numbers – gives you helpful insights to make the strategic decisions that drive your business forward.

In today's competitive economy, this kind of edge can make all the difference.

Make smarter decisions with Autoline Drive

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Your Technology Partner


We know it’s a major consideration for you to change your Dealer Management System and implement new work processes. So we aim to make it as straight-forward for you as possible; keeping you fully operational whilst system updates happen smoothly in the background. 

Using a CDK Dealer Management System is only the start of your journey with us. We want to grow with your business, providing you with the latest technology to help you gain a competitive advantage and support continued growth. 

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