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Digidoc Is paper slowing you down?

How many times have you had to go and look for a document that has been ‘archived’ only to find that either it isn’t where it should be, or it has been damaged or accidentally disposed of? This can be time wasting, highly embarrassing and costly (especially if the auditors are in!).

Add to that the fact that precious on-site space is taken up by archiving or the ongoing cost of off-site storage and retrieval, it’s no wonder it’s frustrating. So to reduce the time and cost spent archiving, why not consider DigiDoc, our quick, easy and cost-effective digital archiving solution, suitable for all your archiving needs.

What is DigiDoc?

DigiDoc is provided by CDK Global in partnership with Docuware, a leading provider of digital document storage solutions. It’s a simple set-up, cloud-based digital document management solution. It directly integrates into both Autoline and Autoline Drive, making it the ideal choice for the modern dealership, regardless of your size or the volume of documents you generate. DigiDoc has been designed to quickly and easily help you reduce your reliance on traditional storage options, while simultaneously improving business efficiency - simple!

How does it work?

Documents can be easily scanned, indexed and stored in digital format, with simple archiving and retrieval. Integration with Autoline and Autoline Drive means you can archive and retrieve all your important documentation directly from the DMS. There’s even a Mobile App, for those who want even greater flexibility. With DigiDoc, you may never lose a document again!

Paper archiving is a gamble

With the increasing focus on data security, DigiDoc has significant advantages over traditional paper-based storage. All documents are stored securely, in the cloud. After all, in the wrong hands, your documents could have potentially disastrous consequences for your organisation and your customers. Fraud, lost sales, legal action and damage to reputation are just a few of the possible consequences.

Why choose digital over paper?


  • Lower print costs – As fewer documents will need to printed
  • Less onsite storage requirement – Precious dealership space can be used for other purposes
  • Reduced off-site storage costs – Less need for physical offsite archiving and retrieval facilities


  • Quicker document retrieval – Sophisticated search tool helps locate digital documents fast
  • Access documents anytime, anywhere – Upload and retrieve your documents 24/7
  • Increased productivity – Staff can access archived documents within their daily workflows
  • Instant sharing – A download link or digital copy of any document can be emailed to colleagues
  • Any device – View your documents on any browser-enabled device
  • Improved service levels – Customers no longer kept waiting while you locate documents
  • Easy-to-use – User centric screens mean self-learning is simple and intuitive


  • Reduced risk – Minimal chance of misfiling or losing documentation
  • Increased security – Role-specific access permissions lock down access rights
  • Save space - Use expensive onsite physical storage spaces back for more useful purposes

Go on: Focus on your customers, not your filing

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