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Time is money when it comes to voice communications

David Green, CDK Global Vice President Sales and Marketing, discusses why it matters to integrate your dealership’s phone system.

Dealerships across the country are missing out on potential new leads and revenue generating opportunities because they are missing calls. Around 16% of calls go unanswered at the dealership1, and only half of these calls are logged into the Dealer Management System (DMS). Considering 45% of calls are from new customers1, missing calls can lead to a poor first impression, and dealers could potentially be wasting opportunities to generate new leads.

Considering that more than half of consumers visit two to four dealerships before they make a purchase2 it is vital that dealerships make a strong first impression. Every aspect of a dealership’s customer service process should therefore be reviewed and streamlined to ensure that leads are not lost due to an unanswered call. This is achievable through a DMS-integrated voice communications system – which logs all customer calls so even if a call is missed, dealership employees can return the customer’s call as soon as possible.  

Managing data

Irrespective of where they are in the sales cycle, information from all calls should be logged and kept updated for each customer. Having an integrated phone system means that customer information can be displayed when the customer calls, enabling access to data in five seconds, instead of the 45 seconds it usually takes.

This software helps your staff to provide a high level of customer service whenever they receive a call, without customers having to repeat information at every touchpoint, as it is instantly displayed.   

With fully-integrated phone systems, such as CDK Global’s ’Voice Connect’, dealerships can work more efficiently. The system allows the call handler to accurately provide information to the customer, using the Presence and Chat collaboration tool, which shows staff availability in real time. By intelligently routing calls across sites and departments, time is saved for all parties.

Call quality

Once an integrated phone system is in place, dealerships can explore new ways to improve the customer experience by monitoring calls and improving call handling. Areas for dealers to look at include: customer service processes, follow up call procedures, dealing with customer enquiries, and time taken to turn enquiries into orders.

Cloud-based systems, such as CDK Global’s Voice Connect, provide automotive retailers with visibility of customer calls and interactions and the necessary tools to monitor and measure call performance. This helps ensure that sales opportunities are maximised and that dealers and customers aren’t missing out on a great customer experience.