In a recent survey conducted on behalf of CDK Global, the results showed that more than 60% of all customer interaction with a dealership is conducted over the phone. Are you making the most of this opportunity to engage with your customers? After all, every conversation could lead to a potential sale.

CDK Global recognised the importance of the phone to a dealership’s performance several years ago. We launched an integrated telephony solution that helped with effective call routing, as well as allowing a customer to be greeted personally whenever they called in to the dealership, as their Autoline DMS record popped up on the screen the moment the phone rings. ‘Click to dial’ functionality allowed staff to instantly dial any phone number held within the DMS, saving valuable time.

However, things have moved on since the initial launch. The latest version of our integrated telephony solution still offers ‘screen popping’ and ‘click to dial’ functionality but it now also incorporates a call recording and ‘Presence’ tool. Dealers can access all their call recordings without ever leaving their DMS screen via a ribbon toolbar. By listening to the calls, they can easily assess their organisation’s call handling performance and put in place processes or training to ensure they optimise the quality and value of every call. The ‘Presence’ tool avoids a caller being transferred through to a phone line that just keeps on ringing. Now the person taking the call can instantly see which other staff members are available to take the call. And if required, they can send an instant message with additional information about the caller, all before transferring the call.